Why talk about religion?

It’s the underlying cause of tensions, communities, issues, human rights, global justice, etc.  Religion is everywhere, through more than just theology and institutions.  Atheism–a modern rejection typically of religion more than of God–is a part of the religious structure because is rejects one or more aspects of religion.  But more importantly, because of the historical presence of religion, religious thought seeps into philosophy, literature, and science in positive and negative, expected and unexpected ways.

So why talk about it?  Because it’s everywhere.  Because it influences everything. Because we often don’t think about religion unless it is our own.

Credentials (also listed in my first post): BA Bard College in Physics (Statistical Thermodynamics) and Religion (Religious Pluralism).  MA Boston University in Religion and Society (Feminism and Hinduism).  I’ll keep a running page of my academic writing as well, updated when possible.

This blog exists to create a forum for religious thought and talk as it relates to our society. Comments are always welcome!


One Response to “Why talk about religion?”

  1. Robert Marie Says:

    Why talk about religion? As I understand it in the last days God will put it in the heart of man to do away with all false religions.

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