“Have Faith In Love”

New York Times Op-ed piece from Sunday Feb 7.  “Have Faith In Love”  Go read it now.  It’s the best piece written on Anglicanism since Mary Glasspool was elected Bishop of LA.

“God is love.”  That’s the central theme of this piece.  Honestly, I have very little to add other than my affirmations.  Eric Lax’s piece is everything a progressive Christian of any denomination wants to read, though especially heartening to an Episcopalian and friend of Glasspool. 

Why is this piece better than all other pieces?  It hits upon the central message of Christianty-  love.  Love is the most important aspect of our religion.  Love instead of greed, instead of lust, instead of sin.  Without love we are lost.  Devout christo-centric Christians will say without Christ’s love we lost.  Others will say that Christ and Love are equivalent.  In my mind, Love is its own power, Christ’s or God’s, it doesn’t matter.  I’m always hesitant to say that we all worship the same God in the end.  I’m confident that we all have the capacity to Love and be guided by the same Love as every other human.

Says Lax:

My own faith has eroded over the years, though my father’s belief in the supremacy of love still guides me. And so I can’t help but wonder, how can Christians not recognize and honor love that binds two people, any two people, together unto themselves? And if a priest has fulfilled her sacred duties with the distinction that persuades those to whom she would minister to elect her their bishop, and has led an open life of committed love that honors the essence of their God, why should her choice of a partner matter?


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