Beginnings of a new Blog

I have a lot to say about religion. Academic papers aside, I needed a new outlet through which I can vocalize my opinions, post articles, and make comments about religion in the news and in the community.

Credentials [when speaking about religion]: Raised Episcopalian, and the daughter of two priests, I grew up hearing about Christianity and theology at the dinner table and as a part of my daily life. {I’ll post about life as a double PK later.} I swore off religion when I got to college, as is the responsible solution for an angsty 17-year-old attending a very liberal liberal arts college [Bard]. But I drifted into the religion department there almost by accident. I attended Bard on a physics scholarship, and fully intended to stay solely in math/science, but my First Year Seminar professor 2nd semester, Kristin Scheible, convinced me to take a few more classes on religion. Before I could figure out how or why, I was a double major.

I have a BA from Bard College in physics and religion and an MA from Boston University in religion and society. Academically I now focus on Hinduism in South Asia–primarily Northwestern Bengal–and on varieties of feminist theory that influence the ways in which we understand/study religion. Previously I worked on religious pluralism in America, college spirituality, and the interaction of religion and science. Religion and physics and religion and politics are now hobbies and no longer strictly academic interests. Religion and education falls somewhere between academic and recreational thought.

Comments on posts are always welcome. I’m creating this blog partially to spark conversation on these topics, many of which are crucial to address in our society but often ignored becuase they are “too hard” or “too big” or are about things we don’t think about on a regular basis. It’s also a thought experiment for me: one in which I can force myself to continue to think critically about religion while between academic degree programs. I’ll take into consideration new topics suggested to blog about as well.

**disclaimer: much of what i post is opinion, though a substantial amount of facts about religions will be included as well. consider this first post my “methodological approaches” section.

[originally posted 10/28/09


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